The Source

An installation by Romain Tardy

Sound composition by Antoine Bertin

Production: Brixen Water light festival
Alois Pupp park, Brixen, Italy, May 2022

La Source presents an immersive audiovisual installation that captivates the senses through the interplay of light and sound, divided into two distinct phases.

Diving into this exploratory process, the artists' collective embarked on a series of expeditions to the water sources that sustain the historic center of Brixen. Meticulously documenting the surroundings, they captured the serenity of watercourses and springs through panoramic visual recordings that encapsulate the entire environment. Simultaneously, an immersive 360° audio recording captured the nuanced symphony of sounds resonating from the water sources.

These extensive audio and visual recordings serve as a vital foundation for the subsequent artistic composition. The meticulous analysis of water movements, the interplay of light reflections, and the ethereal soundscape enable the artists to craft an all-encompassing atmospheric experience. The resulting installation transcends traditional spatial boundaries, blurring the lines between physical and virtual realms.

Picture 2 courtesy Santifaller photography