The Source

An installation by Romain Tardy

Sound composition by Antoine Bertin

Production: Brixen Water light festival
Alois Pupp park, Brixen, Italy, May 2022

The Source is an immersive light and sound installation consisting of two parts.

The first phase took the artists' collective to the water sources that feed the historic centre of Brixen. During various inspections, the artists filmed watercourses and springs and captured various sound recordings. The recordings then formed the basis for the actual work. Water movements, light reflections and the sounds of the water were analysed in a second moment and translated into light. The result is an atmospheric light and sound composition that dissolves the spatial separation between fountain and spring. The pattern of light and sound around the fountain takes the audience on a journey that recalls the precious natural resource of water and places its origin at the heart of the work.

Picture 3 courtesy Santifaller photography