2013, mixed medias.

Plaquage is an ongoing series of experiments that blend video mapping with internet-based content. Drawing primarily from YouTube videos, GIFs, and select JPEGs, the initial iteration of this project materialized as an impromptu scenography for the DJ duo Third Hand, showcased during the Bar.Temp#4 event in Brussels.

Collaboratively developed with Ismaël Bennani from Überknackig bureau, Plaquage seeks to explore the intersection of digital mediums and physical spaces. By incorporating diverse online materials, the project aims to create a dynamic and immersive visual experience that resonates with contemporary audiences. Through the innovative fusion of video mapping techniques and internet-derived content, Plaquage offers a unique perspective on the convergence of digital art and live performances.

Continuing to evolve and expand, Plaquage exemplifies the ongoing exploration of new artistic possibilities and creative collaborations at the intersection of technology and visual arts.