My name is Romain Tardy.
I was born in Paris on the 23rd of September, 1984. I studied art and design for 4 years, then I thought it was time to start doing something else.

My primary focus is to create tangible, offline art installations. I don’t consider my work as digital art.
I also do creative and art direction, as well as art consulting.
I design still and animated things (some are big, some are small, but the screen is not the limit).
This website shows a selection of works I’ve created over the past decade: it is a non-exhaustive portfolio.

I co-founded the European visual label ANTIVJ, and I have been active as an artist in this group from 2008 until late 2013.
Aalto / livevisuals was also my alias when playing live visuals in clubs (2005-2011).

After living in Paris for several years, I moved to Brussels, Belgium, where I currently live and work.

I also love my greenhouse.


Such mystery / Much digital 

Studio view

Selected talks

• Meetfactory art center, Prague, March 2010
• Apple store Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, February 2012
• European Festivals Lab, panel about digital stage design, Lyon, France, May 2012
• Plaine Images studios, Lille area, France, March 2012
• French Institute of Prague, Czech Republic, October 2013
• Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Mexico, May 2014
KiKK Festival, Namur, Belgium, November 2014
• AKQA Insights, Paris, France, May 2015
• AVA Festival, Belfast, Northern Ireland, May 2015
• Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, September 2015
• Multiplica festival, Luxemburg city, Luxemburg, October 2015
Resonate festival, Belgrade, Serbia, April 2016
Mapping festival, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2016
• MTA Festival, Beijing, China, September 2016
Fubiz Talks, Paris, France, September 2016
Schiev festival, Brussels, Belgium, November 2016
• Dome of visions, Stockholm, Sweden, February 2017
• School of Architecture, Liege, Belgium, February 2017
• Genius Loci Weimar, Weimar, Germany, August 2017
• ENSAD (School of Art and Design), Nancy, France, October 2017
• PXL / MAD School of art, Hasselt, Belgium, February 2018
Embed @ HOBO Hotel, Stockholm design week, Sweden, February 2018
• KLF @ Mironova art gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, May 2018
Mapping festival, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2019
Paris Electronic Week, Paris, France, September 2019 
LIFA Colloquium VII, Kiel, Germany, November 2019

Press: see press section

Member of the jury

• Rencontres Audiovisuelles / Mapping contest, Lille, France, September 2014
Genius Loci Weimar , Weimar, Germany, 2014-2018
• Moscow Circle of light Festival, Moscow, Russia, 2015
Audi Talents Awards, Paris, France, 2017
Kiev light festival, Kiev, Ukraine, 2018


CDA Enghien-les-bains, France, 2009
Nabi Art Center, Seoul, South Korea, 2009
Meetfactory, Prague, Czech Republic, 2010
• Visualiseringscenter C, Norrköping, Sweden, 2010
• Institut Français, La Habana, Cuba, 2011
• La Bellone, Brussels, Belgium, 2012
• Institut Français, Tokyo, Japan, 2012
Centro de Diseño Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2013
Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2015
Perte de signal, Montréal, Canada, 2016
• Base sous-marine, Bordeaux, France, 2017

Artist publications

Borders at sea level in The absence of paths, Tunisian pavillion, Venice Biennale 2017


• "4x3" — 2nd year of graphic design, Lycée Charles de Gaulle, Chaumont, France, May 2009. In partnership with the International poster & graphic design festival of Chaumont.
• "Un peu moins d'image, un peu plus d'espace" (A little less pictures, a little more space) — School of La Cambre — From 1st to 3rd grade, all sections (art, graphic design, object design, stage design, typography). Brussels, Belgium, April 2013.
• "Poétique des échelles : image enfermée, image libérée " — HEAR (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin), France, March 2015.
• "Géopoétique d'une ville" — Master edition Université de Reims / Chaumont, May 2016.
• "An introduction to dome projection" — Mira festival, Barcelona, Spain, November 2016.
• "Building pictures with a techno-critical understanding" — Stockholm Dramatiska Högskolan, Sweden, January 2017.
• “La fabrique immatérielle” — Rencontres audiovisuelles / European mapping center, Lille, France, June 2017.
• “Pierres numériques” — ENSA, Nancy, France, October 2017 - January 2018.
• “Blue Hour” — 36Q Pavillion, Prague Quadriennial 2019.

Awards & selections

• Honorary Qwartz award for Déshérence, 2011
Pagan, part of the official selection of Artfutura film festival 2013
The Ark, part of the official selection at Ars Electronica Festival 2014
The Ark, Winner of 4ª bienal iberoamericana de diseño, Madrid, Spain, 2014
The Great Indecision Council, Honorary mention, Prix Ars Electronica 2019

The font used on this website has been designed by Bastien Sozoo from UPLAOD.

Portrait picture courtesy Andréa Aubert.