The Great Indecision Council

An installation by Romain Tardy

Music by Loran Delforge
Software development by Hand Coded

Production: Into the great wide open in association with MU art space
Island of Vlieland, The Netherlands, September 2018 — On tour

The Great Indecision Council has several billion members.
The Great Indecision Council
is honored to share some bits of human knowledge with non-humans.
The Great Indecision Council
does not make any decisions.

In the privacy of our personal devices, we communicate our desires to search engines like Google, revealing our apparent interests and curiosities. By tapping into the real-time data of the most frequently searched words from Google Search and Google News, The Great Indecision Council captures these hidden insights. Through captivating visual and sonic signals, it brings this collective knowledge into the public space, offering visitors an involuntary self-portrait of our interconnected society.

Operating exclusively with data from the country of the installation, this art piece seamlessly blends this valuable information with artistically crafted visual content and animations, adding depth and meaning to the experience.

The Great Indecision Council takes form as a grand-scale light and sound installation, encompassing a 25-meter circle. Step inside this immersive space and find yourself surrounded by a mesmerizing interplay of light, evocative words, and mystic computer-generated chants.

Embark on a thought-provoking journey as The Great Indecision Council illuminates the complexities of our contemporary networked society, and contemplate the invisible forces that shape our digital interactions.

Some pictures courtesy Sander Heezen.