2010, A/V installation.

Role: Creative direction, animation.
Software development (intro): Simon Geilfus.
Production: NMM Festival.
Coordination & project management: ANTIVJ
Norrköping, Sweden, May 2010.

This installation showcases a captivating blend of complex audio-reactive networks, combining the elements of diagrams and satellite maps to create a visually stunning experience. It was specifically commissioned by the Visualization Center of Norrköping, Sweden, to mark its grand opening and exemplify the intersection of art and technology.

The piece explores the visual codes of data visualization, employing a sophisticated interplay between music and visuals. Squeaky Lobster's composed music sets the tone, while the intricate audio-reactive networks respond dynamically, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of rhythm and imagery. The composition invites viewers to delve into a world where reality and imagination converge, where lines between the tangible and the conceptual blur.

Drawing inspiration from architectural plans, this installation breathes life into imaginary structures, transforming them into vibrant, moving forms. Through a hybridization of diagrams and satellite maps, the piece creates an innovative visual language that challenges conventional perceptions. It encourages viewers to explore hidden connections and patterns within the realm of data visualization, unlocking new perspectives on space and design.

The Visualization Center of Norrköping offers audiences an immersive journey, defying traditional boundaries and highlighting the potential of art and technology. This installation exemplifies the convergence of creativity and innovation, illustrating the power of visual expression in evoking profound sensory experiences.