Role: Concept, art direction, design & animation.
Production: fLIM Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden, November 2011

This installation took place at FLIM, a night in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to ambient, click’n'cuts, experimental music – and a fine selection of downtempo electronic music in general. For each edition, a visual artist is also invited to create something nice in the lobby of Nordic Light hotel, where FLIM is happening.

As I’ve been following the FLIM sessions for a while now, I was really happy to be invited to the november edition (the main musical act was Deadbeat – that made me even happier), and I imagined 2 structures with a simple design that could be hanged both over the stage and the VJ booth.

The idea was to stick to the minimal aesthetic of FLIM, with only white lines creating patterns on the structure, with bits of 3D graphics from time to time. Similar visuals were projected on a curved wall and on a small stucture made with semi-transparent screens.


And a short video about this Flim night: