Role: Concept, art direction, design & animation.
Production: fLIM Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden, November 2011

This installation was featured at FLIM, a renowned event in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to ambient, click'n'cuts, and experimental music, as well as a curated selection of downtempo electronic music. In addition to the captivating musical performances, FLIM also invites a visual artist to create an immersive experience in the lobby of the Nordic Light hotel, where the event takes place.

Having closely followed the FLIM sessions for some time, I was delighted to be invited to showcase my work at the November edition, which featured the talented musical act, Deadbeat. Inspired by the event's minimal aesthetic, I conceived two structures with a sleek design that could be suspended above both the stage and the VJ booth.

The concept behind the installation centered on employing white lines to create intricate patterns on the structures, adhering to the minimalistic theme of FLIM. These patterns were augmented with occasional bursts of 3D graphics, adding depth and visual interest to the composition. To further enhance the immersive atmosphere, similar visuals were projected onto a curved wall and a small structure constructed using semi-transparent screens.

The combination of the suspended structures, projected visuals, and the carefully curated musical acts created a multisensory experience that captivated attendees at FLIM. The interplay between the minimalist aesthetic, the dynamic patterns, and the ethereal projections transformed the space into a visual journey that complemented the sonic landscape.

Being a part of FLIM and collaborating with the talented artists involved allowed me to contribute to the overall ambiance and artistic vision of the event. It was an honor to showcase my work alongside the exceptional musical performances and to create an engaging visual experience for the attendees, fostering a sense of immersion and appreciation for the intersection of music and art.

And a short video about this Flim night: