An installation by Romain Tardy

Software & hardware development: Hand Coded
Structures / Technical study + construction: Studio Julien Carretero, ARPO
Production: Tetro x The Absolut Company Creation
Various locations in France.
Showroom pictures by Andrea Aubert / Party pics by Bobi & Rémy Golinelli.

OX is a sensitive scenography designed for DJ & musicians, which extracts emotions from music, then turns them into light patterns and physical motion. OX reacts to what it listens to. OX dances along with the audience. OX is not a VJ. OX is always trying. OX can fail.

OX is made of a central LED screen, as well as 136 RGB LED segments mounted on aluminium profiles, including 32 motorized segments allowing a wide range of dynamics and physical patterns.
An extended version of the installation for large venues, called OX XTD including a second structure made of video LED strips, has been created on special occasions (see pictures below).

Places where OX has been shown : Palais de Tokyo (Paris), La Gaité Lyrique (Paris), Nuit blanche Paris, Calvi on the rocks (Corsica), Nuits Sonores (Lyon), Les Nuits électriques (Lille), Les Nuits fauves (Paris), Friche de la belle de Mai (Marseille)... to name a few.