The drift

An installation by Romain Tardy

Music by Loran Delforge

Production: Solid light festival
Piazza di Pietra, Rome, Italy, October 2018

The Drift is a projection mapping installation that transports viewers to a near-future world characterized by a sudden acceleration of continental drift. This artwork serves as a metaphor for the social and hospitality crises unfolding in Europe.

The installation showcases large-scale digital projections that illuminate the iconic facade of the Temple of Hadrian. Alongside these visuals, 28 light modules adorned with flags create striking black and white patterns inspired by graphic elements found in the flags of European countries. This captivating visual display invites contemplation and reflection.

Accompanying the visuals is an evocative 8-minute soundtrack composed by electronic musician Loran Delforge. The meticulously crafted audio landscape intertwines with the visuals, evoking a sense of depth and intensity that resonates with the metaphorical narrative of The Drift.

Through the lens of continental drift, the installation prompts viewers to reflect on the complex social and migration crises unfolding in Europe. It invites a deeper exploration of the challenges and shifts occurring within the continent and invites contemplation on the future of European society.