The drift

An installation by Romain Tardy

Music by Loran Delforge

Production: Solid light festival
Piazza di Pietra, Rome, Italy, October 2018

The drift is a fictional story about a suddenly accelerated continental drift which happens in a near future, forcing human society to reorganise on a global scale.

Used both as a metaphor of climate and demographic change, this immersive art installation is also an invitation to look at ourselves as Europeans in a time full of uncertainty.

The installation mixes large scale digital projection on the main facade of the Temple of Hadrian with an installation composed of 28 light modules with flags, which black and white patterns are composed exclusively of existing graphic elements from the European countries’ flags.

The drift also features an 8-minute soundtrack composed by electronic musician and long time collaborator Loran Delforge, providing an intense experience for the senses while blurring the line between reality and fiction.