The Ark

An installation by Romain Tardy
Music by Loran Delforge

Production: Proyecta Oaxaca
Coordination & project management: ANTIVJ
Ethnobotanical garden, Oaxaca, Mexico, May 2013.

The Ark is an ephemeral, site-specific audiovisual installation that took place in the ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca, Mexico, during the first edition of Proyecta Oaxaca, a new festival dedicated to digital art.
Exceptionnaly, the garden was open at night, and the visitors were invited to walk down the narrow paths that led to the cactus grove standing at its very heart.

In a poetic approach, The Ark gives voice to the plants which are turned into abstract characters: an unpredictable choir, and the beating heart of the garden.
Telling their story and revealing their imaginary nature, The Ark is a mise en abîme of the course. Loosely inspired by the myth of the Great flood, this audiovisual installation in three parts unfolds like a movie projected into space, where the spectator’s motion serves as a camera.

Map of The Ark (Cactus grove, pond)