The Ark

An installation by Romain Tardy
Music by Loran Delforge

Production: Proyecta Oaxaca
Coordination & project management: ANTIVJ
Ethnobotanical garden, Oaxaca, Mexico, May 2013.

The Ark is a unique audiovisual installation specifically designed for the ethno-botanical garden in Oaxaca, Mexico, during the inaugural edition of Proyecta Oaxaca, a digital art festival. The garden, typically closed at night, opened its doors exceptionally for this event, inviting visitors to wander along the narrow paths that lead to the central cactus grove.

In a poetic and imaginative approach, The Ark gives a voice to the plants, transforming them into abstract characters—an unpredictable choir that becomes the pulsating heart of the garden. Through their stories and the revelation of their fantastical nature, The Ark becomes a reflection of the garden's journey. Loosely inspired by the myth of the Great Flood, this three-part audiovisual installation unfolds like a captivating movie projected into space, with the movement of the spectators serving as the camera, capturing each moment of the immersive experience.

Map of The Ark (Cactus grove, pond)