The beauty of failure (series)
2013 (ongoing), neon.

The Beauty of Failure is a continuing series of neon words and drawings that explore the concept of intentional mistakes and poorly drawn characters found on the Internet. Each piece in this series is meticulously created using my non-dominant hand, adding an element of artistic challenge and embracing the imperfections that arise.

Through the use of neon elements, the series aims to highlight the intriguing allure that arises from these artistic mishaps and unconventional techniques. By intentionally employing my left hand, I seek to capture the essence of these online representations, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty that can emerge from unexpected errors and unrefined drawings.

The Beauty of Failure serves as a visual exploration of the unique and often underappreciated aesthetics that arise from these unconventional artistic approaches, challenging traditional notions of perfection and embracing the power of imperfection.