2009, A/V installation.

Role: Art direction, motion design, editing.
Production: CDA Enghien, Enghien-les-Bains city council
Coordination & project management: ANTIVJ
Enghien-les-bains, France, December 2009.

Eeriness, chiaroscuro, odd machinery that may find multiple meanings when projected on a city hall.
Inspired by the old swamp that was here before the city rises, this piece with a Kafkaian inspiration was shown every night for 3 weeks.
Déshérence is the legal word in French to qualify a property abandoned by its owner.
A collaboration with Florent Tarrieux (Visuals) and Squeaky Lobster (Music).

Déshérence was awarded the special mention in the new media art category at the 7th edition of the Qwartz Awards in 2011.