Future ruins • Act II

An installation by Romain Tardy

Music by Before Tigers

Custom-made aluminium structures, digital LED fixtures, multi-channel audio, smoke machines.
France, China, Belgium (...), 2016 and on.

What will remain of the digital era in the future? As the boundaries between the physical and digital realms blur at an accelerating pace, and the concepts of old and new intertwine, the significance of slowing down and cherishing time becomes ever more pertinent.

The evolution of the original site-specific installation, Future Ruins, has transformed it into a nomadic experience. In this refined version, image projections step aside, and the LED structures take on a minimalist form, evoking the essence of tangible line drawings. In Act II, the spotlight shifts to the surrounding space, embracing its unique characteristics, from the materiality of the exhibition room to the flow of the audience within the installation.