Future ruins • Act II

An installation by Romain Tardy

Music by Before Tigers

Custom-made aluminium structures, digital LED fixtures, multi-channel audio, smoke machines.
France, China, Belgium (...), 2016 and on.

What will be the remains of the digital era? In a time when physical and digital are continuously merging at an ever increasing pace, where old and new tend to become synonyms, what does it mean to take your time?

An evolution of the original and site-specific installation Future Ruins, this version has left its original grounds to become nomad. No image projection in this refined version, where the LED structures are brought to their simplest form, conveying the idea of a tangible line drawing.  In this Act II, the focus is put on the space itself, embracing all of its characteristics: from the material of the exhibition room, to the circulation of the audience inside the installation.