An installation by Romain Tardy

Soundscape by Before Tigers

Production: Biennale Chroniques, FWB, LDA Productions
Friche La Belle de Mai, Marseille, France, November 2022 — On tour

Step into Captive, an art installation that reimagines the notion of "night life" in contemporary society. While the term typically conjures images of bustling bars and crowded clubs, this immersive experience transports you to the other end of the spectrum.

In the quiet depths of the night, Captive invites you to reconnect with your intimate self. As time slips away and your solitary body rests, the constant urge to fill every minute and satisfy the demands of each day fades away.
In an era where the boundaries between our personal and professional lives blur, and society constantly emphasizes the need for constant productivity, could the act of resting and being alone be seen as a rebellious act?

Within the immersive realm of Captive, part of the creative process draws inspiration from a diverse range of voices. Interviews with individuals spanning various generations, from teenagers to young adults, provide unique insights into their relationship with digital devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.  These interviews delve into the intricate dynamics of their interactions with technology, specifically focusing on their habits and behaviors during the hour before they retire for the night. Additionally, a second phase of the installation explores their experiences during the nocturnal hours, encompassing moments of brief awakenings, insomnia, and other encounters with the night.

Through a thought-provoking installation featuring sleeping pods reminiscent of capsule hotels, "Captive" provides an intimate encounter with a place that exists both intimately close and hauntingly absent.

Pictures courtesy Hugo Bougouin & Grégoire Edouard