A collection of potential objects

An installation by Romain Tardy
Music by Loran Delforge

Production: Norberg Festival
Norberg Festival, Sweden, July 2015.

A Collection of Potential Objects is an experimental project that takes the form of a drawing exhibition comprising 42 hand-drawn artworks. These drawings are displayed within a darkened room, accompanied by carefully placed light projections. The intentional arrangement of the artwork challenges viewers to navigate the space and engage with the blurred boundaries between physical and mental realms.

This innovative project was first showcased at the Norberg Festival in Sweden, held within the unique setting of Mimer, a former mining complex. The juxtaposition of the industrial environment with the artistic presentation created a captivating experience for visitors, stimulating contemplation and reflection.

A Collection of Potential Objects pushes the boundaries of traditional drawing exhibitions, inviting viewers to explore the interplay between light, art, and perception.