Pieces / Battleships

2012, Mixed medias, performance.

Role: Conception, art direction, animation, live performance.
From March 2012. Various locations.

Pieces is an innovative and dynamic collaboration with the musician Squeaky Lobster, resulting in a captivating performance and digital scenography. This exciting project, which we affectionately refer to as a "versatile installation," takes on various forms throughout its five stages, showcasing the evolution of our work in progress.

Blending immersive visuals and live audiovisual interactions, Pieces pushes the boundaries of digital scenography, creating a truly engaging and multisensory experience. Each chapter of the project presents a unique theme and concept, inviting the audience on a captivating journey through different artistic landscapes.

The visuals and videos shared below offer a glimpse into the first chapter of Pieces: Battleships. In this segment, we explore the interplay between imagery and sound, creating a visually stunning and dynamic representation of the theme. The combination of striking visuals and Squeaky Lobster's mesmerizing music sets the stage for an immersive and powerful A/V performance.