Flying Lotus live @ The Roundhouse

2011, 2D & 3D animation.

Role: Creative direction, motion design, stage design. In collaboration with Simon Geilfus, Yannick Jacquet & Joanie Lemercier.
London, UK, October 2011

The digital scenography and live visual action created for the musician Flying Lotus takes audiences on a captivating journey that begins in the vast expanse of space, where a peculiar meteorite captures our attention. From the moment we embark on this cosmic adventure, the audience is transported into the depths of this celestial body, unveiling a series of captivating and enigmatic landscapes.

As we delve deeper into the planet's interior, we are confronted with a fascinating tapestry of scenes that appear to reflect various epochs, scales, and stages of evolution. Each part of this mesmerizing exploration offers glimpses into different dimensions, blurring the boundaries between time, space, and reality. The visuals seamlessly transition between these diverse realms, immersing the viewers in a kaleidoscope of imagery that challenges their perception.

As the journey unfolds, the demarcation between the tangible and intangible, the known and unknown, begins to dissolve. The experience evolves into a more introspective and surreal expedition, evoking a sense of the mental and even psychedelic realms. The visuals push the boundaries of perception, weaving together intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and mesmerizing forms that invite the audience to lose themselves in this fantastical odyssey.

Through the synergy of the digital scenography and live visual action, the performance with Flying Lotus transcends traditional boundaries and invites viewers to embark on an immersive voyage of the mind.