Role: Art direction, motion design.
Production : Auguri Productions (FR)
Belgium, France + European tour 2011

The digital scenography created for the world-renowned Belgian pop star, Stromae, draws inspiration from his captivating series of "Stromae's lessons." These humorous self-shot videos offer glimpses into the artist's creative process as he composes his music. With this scenography, audiences are transported into Stromae's personal space, evoking the intimate atmosphere of his room.

This innovative design combines theatrical elements, such as wooden panels, with the immersive technology of video mapping. The result is a versatile and three-dimensional video display that serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it creates a visual barrier, providing Stromae, the acclaimed Belgian pop star, with a sense of privacy as he immerses himself in his artistry. On the other hand, it becomes a storytelling medium, engaging the audience in a captivating narrative.

The collaboration between Yannick Jacquet, renowned for his visual artistry, and Simon Geilfus, a master of software development, brings this scenography to life. Their combined expertise allows for a seamless integration of visuals and technology, creating a mesmerizing experience for both Stromae and the audience.

As the scenography unfolds, the visuals dynamically interact with Stromae's music, forming a symbiotic relationship that enhances the overall performance. The video mapping technique breathes life into the wooden panels, transforming them into canvases for captivating imagery and projections. Through carefully choreographed visuals, the audience is transported into the imaginative world of Stromae, immersing them in his creative process.

Pictures courtesy Kmeron