Cuculand Souvenir

A series of A/V installations by Romain Tardy
Designed for the contemporary dance performance Cuculand souvenir by Roberto Olivan Performing Arts company

Music by Loran Delforge

Production: R.O.P.A
Dancers: Manuel Tiger/Héctor “Buba” Plaza , Delia Ceruti, Luis “Fruta” García , Dunya Narli, Chey Jurado, Akira Yoshida, Tina Afiyan Breiova
Barcelona, Spain, April 2018 + On tour 2018-2019.

Cuculand Souvenir is a contemporary dance show that offers an expansive exploration of our interconnected world, using a physical and emotionally charged approach. The title draws inspiration from the Spanish word "cucu," which carries connotations of eccentricity, reflecting the state of anxiety and instability prevalent in our modern era.

The show's scenography consists of multiple installations that contribute to the overall atmosphere. It is important to note that these installations are not interactive. This deliberate choice invites contemplation on the nature of our relationship with technology. Rather than presenting a utopian or dystopian vision, the performance suggests a coexistence with occasional encounters. It questions the narrative sold by tech companies, emphasizing the blending of devices and services with our social habits and intimate rituals.

Cuculand Souvenir offers a stimulating journey that explores our contemporary networked society, inviting audiences to reflect on the complexities of our digital age and our place within it. Through physicality and sensitivity, the performance aims to evoke a heightened awareness of our shared human experience and the ever-evolving relationship with technology.

All pictures by Albert Vidal