Cuculand Souvenir

A series of A/V installations by Romain Tardy
Designed for the contemporary dance performance Cuculand souvenir by Roberto Olivan Performing Arts company

Music by Loran Delforge

Production: R.O.P.A
Dancers: Manuel Tiger/Héctor “Buba” Plaza , Delia Ceruti, Luis “Fruta” García , Dunya Narli, Chey Jurado, Akira Yoshida, Tina Afiyan Breiova
Barcelona, Spain, April 2018 + On tour 2018-2019.

Cuculand souvenir is an expanded dance piece which reflects upon our contemporary networked era, through a very physical and sensitive approach. “Cucu”, a popular Spanish word which could be translated by “crazy”, here conveys the idea of a world in a state of anxiety and the absence of stable ground — we’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
The multiple installations which compose the scenography of the show are not interactive: what if our current relationship to technology was more of a cohabitation — with some occasional encounters — rather than the utopian/dystopian simbiosis that tech companies are selling us through devices and services increasingly blending in with our human social habits and intimate rituals?

All pictures by Albert Vidal