Le Bestiaire

An installation by Romain Tardy
Music by Thomas Vaquié

Additional 3D animation & mapping tool: Joanie Lemercier
Production: Week of Francophonie in Cuba. With the support from CDA Enghien-les-Bains.
Coordination & project management: ANTIVJ
La Habana, Cuba, 11th of March 2011.

Le Bestiaire is a 12-minutes long piece that can be seen as a moving painting, mixing inspiration from both European and Cuban artists. Stepping away from the 3D aesthetics typical from video-mapping, this piece goes back to a more traditionnal way to animate the visual elements. From Hieronymus Bosch to contemporary cuban artists like Belkis Ayón, Le Bestiaire depicts a surreal machinery operated by characters made of bones and shells, all gathered in this ephemeral building brought to life by a digital collage technique.