Galaxy Express

An installation by Romain Tardy, Antoine Goldschmidt

Sound composition by Ofer Smilansky

Production: Brussels Major Events
Central Station, Brussels, Belgium, December 2022

Drawing loose inspiration from the eponymous renowned Japanese manga, the installation named Galaxy Express takes center stage. This large-scale audiovisual piece revolves around a genuine M4 locomotive provided by the Belgian National railway company.

The design of the installation ingeniously reimagines the captivating visual aesthetics of the Japanese "dekotora" subculture, known for its extravagant customization of massive cargo trucks.

At the heart of this immersive experience lies an exceptional audiovisual apparatus. A dynamic light system seamlessly synchronized with a multi-channel audio setup creates a symphony of sensations, transforming the surrounding public space into an expansive playground of sensory exploration.

Galaxy Express promises an intense sensorial journey, fusing art, technology, and imagination to transport you to realms beyond and invites the inner child to play.